24-Hour Olympia Real Estate Market Update is HERE!


11/21/21 - Are you still looking for a new home? Well, it looks like the market inventory is increasing and the market time for listing is growing by a few days. Maybe you will be able to buy a new home without waiving your inspections or placing an offer way over the list price. Give me a call or send me an email/text and let me know how I can fill you in on the options and help you get into a home. 360-402-4663

10/18/21 - Time to build a new website and I am looking for a creative web designer since my current one seems to have spaced out or just decided not to work anymore. Would love to support a local business. If you know of someone that you would like to refer my direction get them in touch with me.

10/17/21 - Market inventory has increased a bit and the time on market for listings has increased by a few days. Appears as though the Fall/Winter market has started as we are seeing more [sales at list price or a bit below and les multiple offer situations.

9/8/21 - We are continuing to see more homes selling at list price or a bit below. Have you waited too long to take advantage of the Seller's Market? Only time will tell but this could be a hopeful sign for Buyers.

8/25/21 - More listings on the market, seeing more price reductions, some Sellers accepting contingent offers, and a bit of an increase in the market time for listings. For a Buyer this may be a good sign, but if you are looking to sell you may need all the current market information you can get. Give me a call or email me with any questions on selling OR buying a home in this changing marketplace

8/15/21 - Looks like a market shift is starting. Are your ready? More price reductions taking place and market time is starting to show a bit of softness.

7/24/21 - Starting to see more homes selling near the list price and even seeing some at a bit less than the list price. Market may be tempering a bit...

6/28/21 -Thank goodness that is over for now. Temperature is coming down and I survived being home for 2 days with the A/C that kept the house at 70°. Red hair and fair skin...I do not do this high temperature stuff well. Hope you all did OK...

6/25/21 - I know all the houses that are for sale with A/C. Looking for one of them to live in? Give me a call and I can help you stay cool! 360-402-4663

6/20/21 - If you or someone you know is in the Arlington/Smokey Point/Stanwood/Granite falls area and have a house to sell that is on at least a half acre, has room for a shop if there is not one there already, and the house is in very good condition get in touch with me! I have a pre-approved buyer ready to go and can close in 30 days or less for the right house. 360-402-4663 or rod@callrod.com

6/4/21 - 81 new listings in one day...a record for the last few years. Demand is still strong but we are now up to over 300 properties on the market in Thurston County. Quite a bit higher than the low we had of under 100 just 4 month ago!>P>5/8/21 - The market is still blazing hot but there does seem to be a few more houses available right now. As of this morning there are 251 properties on the market in Thurston County. Quite an increase from when we dipped below 100 in February.

4/20/21 - Spring market is heating up. More listings coming on but they are still selling just as fast. Drop me an email or give me a call for more information on how to maximize the value in your house if it is time to sell.

3/5/21 - Is it a 1-day spike or is the market starting to move? We had 46 new listing come on the market yesterday and we are now up to a total of 195 properties on the market in Thurston County. Quite a jump from the lows you can read about below.

2/4/21 - Well, I have been selling real estate in Thurston County for over 25 years and this is the first time our inventory of available homes in the entire county dipped below 100! This morning there were a total of 98 houses in the whole county on the market for sale! If you are getting ready to move give me a call as I am sure I can list your house and bring you multiple offers at this time! However, if trying to stay in the area when you move you may want to wait because there is nothing to buy!

1/1/21 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully this will be a better one...

12/28/20 - Hard to believe but as of this morning there are only 175 residential properties (this includes, houses, condos, and manufactured homes) on the market in all of Thurston County. If you just count the "stick built" homes and remove the rest there are on 125 available right now!

12512/25/20 - Merry Christmas! Kind of weird morning today...waking up and knowing that it's just me and Kellie at home instead of travelling and all the festive family stuff but that is 2020. Just being safe so that perhaps in 2021 we can get back to doing things together. Stay safe and enjoy as much of the holiday as you can.

12/21/20 - Well, it's the shortest day of the year today for daylight. Even though it is very little, the days do start staying light longer as of today. But then again, with the pandemic who even knows what day it is...

11/26/20 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Kind a of a weird one this year spending it at home with just Kellie but doing what we need to do to stay safe. Hope you are doing the same and I look forward to seeing family, friends, and clients in person as soon I can. Take care and enjoy your turkey!

11/5/20 - Just checked again and our market has gotten even slimmer! As of this morning there are only 237 residential properties on the market in all of Thurston County. This includes houses, condos, and manufactured homes. The count of houses only is 187...the lowest I have ever seen it.

10/30/20 - VOTE! Only 4 days left...make sure your vote counts by getting it in on time!

9/28/20 - Number of available properties in Thurston County is now well below 300 so it continue to be a strong Seller's market. Want more info? Give me a call or send me an email for personalized updates about your home.

8/20/20 - Well, those listings came and went quickly! Market time for my last three listings has been less than 5 days and with multiple offers as the inventory is still very low. More Buyers than homes available is making it tough for most Buyers to find a home. The inventory is now below 300 available properties in Thurston County. Now is definitely the time to sell...unless you are also looking to buy in this area too!

7/29/20 - New listings coming up soon. One level home in Lacey on 1/4 acre around $400K, a move-in ready bungalow in the Admiral district of West Seattle for under $700K, and a two level home with basement and river frontage in Toledo (perfect for fishing) in the coming weeks. Several other properties getting ready for the market in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater area. Stay tuned!

7/21/20 - Woke up this morning at the usual time of 5 AM and it was dark outside. Hard to believe that the days are already getting a bit shorter and that sunset is now before 9PM! Where has the year gone?

7/4/20 - Well look at that...it''s the 4th of July already! Enjoy the holiday and stay safe.

7/1/20 - Inventory is dropping again. Prior to the virus we were seeing an increase in inventory but lately the numbers have been dropping again. As of today there are only 304 active listing in all of Thurston County.

6/15/20 - Office still closed but looks like things may we may be opening in the coming weeks. Still available via email or call...but most real estate activities are very limited for safety reasons. Feel free to call or email if there is anything I can assist you with or questions I can answer.

5/27/20 - Thurston County has moved on to Phase 2 of the re-opening as of today. A few more businesses will be open and we are headed in the right direction...as long as there is no spike in Covid 19 cases. Hopefully we will all follow the direction of the professionals people in charge and keep everybody safe in the coming weeks so that we can get to Phase 3 and beyond.

5/12/20 - Sounds like real estate will be back open and a little more accessible in Phase 2 of the re-opening. Until then there are some real limitations in place to keep everyone safe. However, I am still available to assist you in any way I can...just give me a call or send me an email and I will do what I can to help you out.

4/23/20 - Still working from home and quite honestly I am a bit stir crazy! I miss the interaction that comes with helping you market your property and/or find a new home. However, even with the limited market that we are currently facing I am still able to assist you via phone or email and in some cases meet to view property (within the guidelines we must follow). Just let me know if I can be of assistance to you or someone you know. Thank you and stay safe!

4/1/20 - While the Governor has stated that we, as Realtors, can do limited work activities I have remained at home and will continue to work from here to stay safe and healthy. Doing the right thing is not always easy but in this case I believe I am doing what is needed. Still available via phone or email if there is anything I can assist you with. Take care.

3/25/20 - The "Stay at Home" order starts today and with that being said I will be working remotely with no in-person meetings, showings, or other real estate activities until we are cleared to do so. I am still available via phone and email with any questions or preparations for future searches and listings but as of later today I, along with all other Realtors, will not be able to show homes unless we have virtual tours/videos prepared. At this time the order is for 2 weeks but I will keep you posted. Stay safe!

3/20/20 - We all have a lot on our minds at this time but I thought I would chime in with a little market news to change things up. The Seller's market we have been in seems to have slowed and there has been an increase of active listings taking us up to nearly 400 as of today. Considering our all time low of 287 active listings just a few months ago this count is up over 100 since that time.

13/19/20 - Working from home and staying out of the office for now. Still able to accomplish quite a bit from here but not getting out is a huge change for me. How are you dealing with the current situation?

3/16/20 - Lots of changes still taking place with the current health issues and market changes. I, along with those in my office, are observing the abiding by the current restrictions being put in place and the social distancing required to try and flatten the curve of the virus. However, I am still here to assist you with your real estate needs...it just may be in a less up front and personal way at this time. Feel free to call me or email if I can help you out and we can forge a plan to make things work for everyone involved.

3/11/20 - Housing market is still hot but the recent health news and financial market changes are beginning to show. Interest rates are down but the uncertainty has some people holding off on making a move. We all hope for some positive news in the coming days...

3/6/20 - Listings have stayed low since the last update but in the last 24 hours there has been an increase of 38 new listings bring the total up to 324. With more listings there may be more options for Buyers looking to find a home.

2/20/20 - With the market this low on listings it is now quite a feat to find the house my clients are looking for. If you or someone you know is thinking about selling a well maintained house within 20 minutes of Tumwater, on at least 1/2 acre, with at least 1,900 SF, give me a call as I have someone ready to move now! 360-402-4663

2/11/20 - The market is still hovering around the 300 mark for active listings. We did see a few more homes come on the market taking to total up to 315 but they were quickly sold and we are now at 289 available houses. Demand is still strong for homes in the area and it appears as though this trend will continue for a while.

1/27/20 - Looked like the inventory was increasing but there is still a strong demand for any homes that come on the market. We got up to 315 homes available but after the weekend, even with the new listings that came online, we are now down to 291. I have Buyers...if you are looking to sell this may be the best time. Call me and see if we can get you top dollar in this tight market.

1/24/20 - The low point in the inventory hit 287 but it appears as though the tide is turning. After hitting that point we the available home count has been slowly increasing and we are now up to 315.

1/15/20 - The snow came down and so did the active listing count for Thurston County! As of this morning there are only 296 available homes in all of Thurston County...this is the lowest amount in over 25 years. If you are considering a move give me a call because now would be the time to maximize your proceeds at the time of sale and potentially have the least amounts of hassles during the process.

1/14/20 - First snow of the year...looks like schools are out for the day but I am hopeful that this is short lived.

1/8/20 - A week into the New Year and our inventory is still at its lowest point...we are now sitting at 303 listing in the whole county!

1/1/20 - Happy New Year!

12/30/19 - Coming up on the end of the year and the Active Listing count is now down to 327. I would expect the number to increase after the 1st of the new year but we will see...

12/24/19 - Merry Christmas! Oh, and we are now down to 347 active listings...

12/21-19 - Oh my! We are now down to 369 active listings. Perhaps the market will shift after the first of the year...

12/19/19 - How low will the inventory go? As of this morning we are at only 383 active listings in all of Thurston County...

12/17/19 - Well, my last post a few days ago told the tale of low inventory for the year but today we hit a new record. With the inventory now down below 400 (currently 392 active listings in Thurston County) we have hit an all time record low of available houses in the county. I will keep this post updated but one would think the inventory will increase after the holidays.

12/14/19 - While I am continuing to improve and get back to work the market in the area is still struggling with a limited inventory. The numbers hit a low for the year this morning with only 432 active listing in all of Thurston County. If you are looking to sell a property now would be the time to get it on the market! Even with the holidays here there are many people looking for homes and there are not a lot out there. Give me a call or send me an email if I can assist you in a move or if you would like more info on the market conditions.

11/28/19 - Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are able to relax and enjoy the day with family and friends. For me, it has been almost 5 months since the injury and it is 6 weeks today since the surgery. Saw the doctor yesterday and I am now cleared to drive and can take the sling off part time so I am very thankful today!

11/8/19 - Well, it has been 3 weeks since shoulder surgery and I am hopeful to be back to regular work by the end of the year...at least that is what the physical therapist is telling me. While I have been able to update this website from home I have not been able to do much else since July 4th due to the dislocated shoulders. Now that the repairs to the rotator cuff has been made I am looking forward to getting back toward normal. In the mean time, if you are looking to make a move in the next few months now would be the time to get stated as I can get all of the research and paperwork ready to go for when the time comes. Thank you for your patience!

10/17/19 - Once again the available listings in Thurston County have dipped below 600. The inventory was increasing and got up to over 650 recently but as of today we are back down to 575 total properties on the market. Prices have leveled off but if this trend continues we may see a change in that again.

10/9/19 - Inventory is still low...as of this morning there are only 580 active listings in Thurston County. According to Northwest MLS statistics we have 35% less homes on the market than last year at this time.

9/28/19 - It finally feels like fall is here...cooler weather, some rain, and leaves starting to come down. This weekend may be a good time to get your outdoor furniture and garden stuff put away.

9-18-19 - Looking for something to do this weekend? Well, this Saturday (9/21/19) is Museum Day sponsored by the Smithsonian. There are 40+ museums in Washington State that you can receive 2 free tickets to including MoPop, Museum of Glass, and MOHAI. Click here for more info on Museum Day and to get your tickets!

9/10/19 - Just a quick shoulder update...one shoulder doing better but one shoulder not so good. Still able to do some work but may be out again for a bit later this week for and MRI and decision on treatment to fully recover. Still available by phone and email and hopefully in person soon. Thank you for your patience.

9/3/19 - Schools will be opening and classes starting this week. While we all try to drive carefully this is the time to stay extra cautious, especially in the school zones.

8/27/19 - Still a hot market with the low inventory of homes. Average market time is still under 3 weeks for new listings with many going under contract in the first 7 days.

8/12/19 - On the mend from two dislocated shoulders so I am back to work this week. Should be business as usual soon with more frequent updates and assistance with all of your real estate needs. Thank you for your patience!

7/22/19 - The market is still hot, but there has been a bit of cooling over the past few weeks. There are still houses in some neighborhoods that are receiving multiple offers and selling in less than 5 days but the overall market time in the county has ticked up to average of 25 days. We are also seeing price reductions ticking up a bit.

7/18/19 - Been a long couple of weeks with a couple of dislocated shoulders but I am back...and so are the updates to the daily market report. Sorry for the inconvenience but if there is anything I can do for you now I am at the ready! Thank you.

7/44/19 - HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

7/3/19 - Already half the year is over and we are at the 4th of July holiday. Be safe over the long weekend (if you have one)!

6/21/19 - Summer is here! School is almost out and now is the time to get your house on the market if you are planning on being moved by the start of the next school year. If that is your plan, give me a call and I will meet with you to discuss the value of your house and the selling process.

5/24/19 - It has been a bit of time since the last update but the market has been hot and there has been little time to post. Still a Seller's Market right now but we are seeing more price reductions and the inventory of homes is now over 600 so things seem to be changing a bit. Give me a call or send me an email if you would like more info on the market conditions or a copy of the Gardner Report.

3/29/19 - The 10th Annual Shredding Event will be taking place at my office on April 20th. Click here to learn more

3/11/19 - Interested in the current market activity around Washington State for February? Click here for the full report.

2/20/19 - Inventory of available homes is at a record low in Thurston County. As of this morning there are only 487 available homes. That may sound like a lot but averages have been well over 1,000 in the past. Of the 487 homes available only 86 are in the price range of $250,000 - $350,000. I have and know of many Buyers looking for a home...if you are considering a move get in touch with me now and take advantage of the low inventory.

2/12/19 - After 5 days power is finally back on at my house and we are moving forward into Spring...I hope. Hope you are surviving the winter blast but if there is something I can do to help you out just let me know and I will do what I can to assist you.

1/29/19 - And now the inventory is down to 544 active properties on the market. While the market at this time has slowed a bit the lack of inventory could drive prices up.

1/28/19 - There are still many Buyers in the market but the inventory of available homes is dropping quickly. As of this morning there are only 580 properties on the market in all of Thurston County. That number is down over 300 from the high point of the last 12 months.

1/15/19 - Current market times are getting a bit longer as the market slows. Inventory is also down again with the current number being a total of 603 active listing in all of Thurston County. That number is down from a high mark last year at 900.

1/1/19 - 2019 is here! Let's get things done this year!

12/31/18 - Last day of the 2018. Have a Happy New Year and be safe tonight!

12/26/18 - Well, Christmas is over and we just have a few days left in 2018. I hope 2018 has been a great year for you and I wish you all the best in 2019.

12/8/18 - Just finished a quest to visit all 50 states. Had the opportunity to see the housing market in all parts of the country and it does vary greatly! Gives me a whole new perspective and understanding of the stress that moving to a new area can put on a person or family. Hopefully I will be able to use this information and help my clients who are relocating to our area and make their transition a bit easier.

11/27/18 - Average market time is increasing from where it was earlier this year indicating a slowing market. As of this morning the average market time for houses on the market is 61 days.


11-20-18 - Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already here? The holidays are upon us but there are still people looking for that perfect home. I have clients looking for a house in the Olympia Eastside area or in the neighborhoods off of Boulevard Road. If you or someone you know is looking to sell in that area have them get in touch with me as my clients would like to get moved as soon as possible.

11/2/18 - AS we roll into Fall market times are starting to increase. We are now well over a month on average for market time. Earlier this year our average market time was as low as 13 days!

9/18/18 - School is finally in for all districts in Thurston County. Drive carefully and note the school zone speeds as nobody wants a ticket!

9/10/18 - Our inventory of available homes is now up to 916 this morning. This is almost double the number of available homes that we had back in April of this year.

8/23/18 - The number of pending and closed sales is steady but the increased number of homes on the market is now creating a shift in our market. There has been a decrease in the number of multiple offer on new listings, market time has increased, and we are seeing a definite uptick in price reductions each day. Currently there are just under 900 homes on the market which is quite an increase from the low of 488 earlier this year.

8/1/18 - Current inventory of available houses is 847 and we are now seeing some price reductions and listing that are expiring without a sale. With this happening it is now more important than ever to price your home correctly when it goes on the market. Need more info on your home's value? Just give me a call...

7/13/18 - Is the market shifting? Could be...the inventory of available homes has now over 800 and the time a property is on the market has increased by a few days. Curious about it? Give me a call or send me an email and I will answer any questions you may have about real estate in Thurston County.

6/25/18 - School is out, Summer is here, and the 4th of July is just around the corner. If you have plans for moving this summer it is time to get the process started. Give me a call or drop me an email and I will assist you in any way I can.

5/26/18 - The market in the area is still hot but we are seeing an increase in the number of houses available. In the last month the average number of homes on the market has gone from just over 500 to 704 today.

5/1/18 - #WeAreWindermere Click here to learn more

4/24/18 - I have clients looking for a 1-5 acre lot to build a custom home preferably in the Boston Harbor or Cooper Point areas. If you know of any or have something to sell let me know.

4/18/18 - My 9th Annual FREE Shredding Event is happening this Saturday, April 21st, from 11 - 2 at my office. Click here for more info.

4/7/18 - The market may be shifting a bit...but very slowly. Activity is still brisk but we are now up to 537 active listings on the market.

3/30/18 - Current inventory has gone up...but only a little. As of this morning there are 506 properties on the market in Thurston County. We hit a new record low on March 1st at 480 properties so we are up 26 but our market is very low for this time of year. It's a good time for Sellers but the market is tough if you are trying to find a new home.

3/21/18 - Spring arrived yesterday with fog and cold temperatures but got nice for the afternoon. Time to get your house and yard ready for market. If you need tips on how to increase the value of your house before selling just give me a call.

2/22/18 - Inventory of available homes hit a record low this morning. Usually there is a increase of homes on the market at this time but this year we are still dropping. As of right now there are only 492 properties for sale in Thurston County...quite a bit lower than the usual average of 1,300-1,500!

2/10/18 - Available inventory has starting to increase. We hit a record low of 502 homes on the market in January (overall average in past years is in the 1,300-1,700 range) but we are now up to a whopping 538 available properties. Spring is coming and we should see a few more but it is still a Seller's market in Thurston County.

1/26/18 - In 2017 the total number of properties sold in Thurston county was 5,466 and the median price for a home in our area was $284,000. Curious as to the value of your home in today's market? Give me a call or send me an email and I will assist you in finding out.

1/3/17 - Inventory of available homes in Thurston County is lower today than it has been in over 2 years. The lack of inventory is increasing the Seller's market to new levels. Days on market is often less than 20 and multiple offers are once again the norm. Call me if you would like more info or if you are considering the sale of your home.

1/1/18 - Happy New Year! Let's make 2018 the best year ever.

12/26/17 - Just a few more days left in 2017. Hope it has been a great year for you!

12/23/17 - The holiday weekend is here! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

11/28/17 - The seasonal dip in inventory is happening and the the number of active listing in the area has dropped to 639 as of today. I would expect that it may get down into the 500 range soon and not increase until Spring.

11/23/17 - Happy Thanksgiving!

11/21/17 - Inventory is dropping again which is probably due to the seasonal slow down but with only 681 homes on the market at this time prices are likely to remain stable through the holidays. As a reference, at the height of this year we had over 980 homes on the market so we are down 300 from that time.

10/22/17 - It has been a busy fall so far. Activity has been good in the area for some time now. Market time is a bit longer than it was in the spring and summer but it is still good. Overall, most houses are on the market for less than 60 days at this time.

9/23/17 - Fall has arrived and the market is still strong. The number of listings has increased from earlier this year so there is more balance but the average market time is still right around 30 days.

9/6/17 - School is back in. Drive carefully!

9/1/17 - Well, summer is coming to a close with this last long weekend. Soon it will be time to start raking leaves. Just think, if you sell your house now you can avoid that hassle! Give me a call and let's get that process started.

8/18/17 - I had some tree work done at a property yesterday..several trees limbed up and a large fir tree completely removed. If you are ever in need of this service I can highly recommend Bonnell Tree Technicians. They are real pros and the job they did for me was excellent.

8/2/17 - Highest temperatures of the year are supposed to be today. Between the heat and the smoky air I am ready for this to be over!

7/31/17 - Here comes the heat! Temps are going to be near 100 degrees this week. Don't know about you but I miss the rain and moderate weather.

7/20/17 - After 32 days we finally have a little rain! You know you are a true local when you enjoy the precipitation...

7/5/17 - Great Independence Day weekend. Hope you enjoyed your leisure time. Now it's back to work...let's find you a new house or get the old one on the market!

6/24/17 - School is now out in all Thurston County Schools. Is it time to find a new house before it starts again in September? Give me a call and let's get started looking!

6/19/17 - School gets out for Summer this week. Lots more kids will be out enjoying the time off so drive carefully.

5/30/17 - Still a Seller's market but there are a few more homes on the market now than 2 months ago. Current inventory shows 732 properties on the market but that is still quite a bit below the average of 1,300-1,500 we usually have.

5/29/17 - Been a long time since Memorial Day hasn't been rainy. Nice to have the nice weather but this is just a bit too hot for me.

5/16/17 - We had a record low number of houses on the market last month...we were down to just 590 at one time which is about 1/3 of the average. A few more now at 692 but still very low so it is still a Seller's market in our area.

5/5/17 - Quite the storm in the Lacey area yesterday. Power still out for many and cleanup may take some time. Be safe our there!

4/23/17 - The turnout for the shredding event was huge. Thanks to Mikell from LeMay Shredding for making our event successful!

4/17/17 - My 8th annual shredding event is scheduled for this coming Saturday...Click here for more info.

3/8/17 - Inventory is still at a record low but we are beginning to see a few more listing come online. It is still very much a Seller's market but it appears as though builders are picking up the pace now that Spring is almost here.

2/25/17 - The market inventory is still slim. Prices are climbing slowly and we are seeing multiple offers on some properties. As of this morning there are only 631 available homes on the market. Looking back to the post from January 25th that is 67 less homes now and it continues to get lower.

2/7/17 - Snow, ice, delayed or closed schools...guess winter is finally here!

1/25/17 - A new low as of this morning...there are only 698 homes on the market in Thurston County.

1/19/17 - Just listed a daylight basement rambler in Beach crest. Great house with hardwood floors, 2 fireplaces, 1,998 SF, and saltwater beach access. Click here for more info and photos.

1/14/17 - Current inventory of available home in Thurston County is now at 753. That is just a bit over half of what is average for our county.

1/2/17 - Happy New Year! The real estate market is starting off with a very low inventory of available homes. Great for sellers, but kind of a nightmare if you are looking for a home in Thurston County. Give me a call if you are thinking of selling and I will give you the current stats on our market.

12/26/16 - I hope your Christmas was fantastic and your time spent with family and friends was relaxing and wonderful. Just a few more days until 2017 is here...are your ready?

12/19/16 - Merry Christmas! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season

12/15/16 - Judging by the recent weather it looks like we may have a real winter this year. Have you taken care of the winter chores at your house?

12/6/16 - Cold weather and ice are now here. Make sure you have taken care of the covering your outdoor faucets to avoid freeze damage

11/29/16 - Total inventory is now almost as low as it was back in April. Even with Christmas coming up the market is staying pretty hot and this is still a good time to get your house on the market.

11/25/16 - Got up this morning to relax, turned on the TV and it's a toss up...news showing the crowds at Black Friday shopping or informercials selling exercise programs. What are you dong the day after Thanksgiving?


11/23/16 - Inventory of available homes has really dipped. We are now down to only 915 available properties in Thurston County while our average number is usually 1,300 at any given time. Even with the holidays coming up this may be a really good time to get your house on the market.

11/9/16 - Regardless of how you voted the winner has emerged. The road ahead may be rough but we can do it if we work together with respect and make the best of the next 4 years.

11/7/16 - Remember to VOTE!

10/22/16 - Ballots came in the mail yesterday. Voted last night and dropped it off already. I feel so relaxed now and I'm ready to assist you with any real estate need you may have.

10/17/16 - Lots of hype but no substance...the storm never came this weekend. Glad that it didn't and that there were only minor issues but it does make me wonder how the weathermen keep their jobs!

10/15/16 - Round 2 of the big storm is supposed to come tonight. So far not there has not been much besides rain but we'll see how it goes tonight. Stay safe!

10/13/16 - The storm has not even hit yet and over 4,500 people are already without power in Thurston County. This is shaping up to be a major storm as predicted. Stay safe and remember treat traffic signals that are out as a 4-way stop.

10/8/16 - Need help with a home project or repair? The "resources" tab to the left may give you the help needed in finding a contractor to assist you.

9/27/16 - Today is National Voter Registration Day. If you or someone you know is not registered to vote CLICK HERE AND REGISTER NOW! The deadline to register online is October 10th.

9/23/16 - Well, Summer is now over and we are on to Fall. Leaves will fall and we will all hate the additional yard work. Maybe it's time for a change...like a change to a house with a smaller yard! Give me a call and we can start looking for one together because I hate raking leaves...

9/7/16 - Schools are back in this week so summer is essentially over. Leaves will now start to fall, you will spend all weekend raking them up, and you may realize that is why you want to move. If that is the case, give me a call and let's find you a house with a low maintenance yard!

8/24/16 - Well, we had a little reprieve from the heat but it is coming back for the next few days...Summer is not over yet!

8/8/18 - The current inventory of available homes in Thurston County is now closer to what I would consider normal. Back in April we had a shortage of inventory with less than 800 houses available. We are now at 1,200 houses on the market. This increase may bring the hot market to more of a simmer for a while. We'll see in the next few weeks...

7/19/16 - Market conditions in Olympia are still hot. Average market time for houses is still low, even with the increase in inventory. While there are still some homes with extended market time, the vast majority are going under contract in less than 30 days.

7/2/16 - Enjoy the 4th of July holiday weekend and be safe!

6/23/16 - Summer is here and market conditions are still good. Our inventory of available homes has gone up from the lows in March/April but the average market time is still very short with many homes selling in less than 20 days.

6/16/16 - Last day of school many in the area area and Summer is starting soon. More kids out playing now so drive carefully and undistracted.

6/6/16 - Looks like Summer is coming early. Temps in the 90's this weekend may remind you why you want to move to a house with air conditioning. I know where they are...just give me a call!

6/1/16 - June is here! Summer is just around the corner and school is almost out. Time to get serious about making that move! Just let me know how I can assist you...360-402-4663

5/6/16 - The 24 hour real estate market watch is back. Just click on the Local Color tab to the left.

4/19/16 - And just like that the hot weather is here!

4/15/16 - Shredding event at my office on Saturday. Click on "Local Color" to the left for more information.

4/6/16 - The weather is getting nice and it feels like Spring. If you are thinking about selling and need tips on what projects around your house will be most beneficial give me a call.

3/22/16 - Inventory of available homes in Thurston County is at its lowest level in years. While the average inventory of homes available is usually in excess of 1,300, we currently only have 796 properties for sale. Call me if you are looking to sell as now is the time!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

3/14/16 - Hopefully the storm over the weekend will be the last one for a while. Power outages, trees down, heavy rain...thank goodness spring is just around the corner!

3/9/16 - Choose to be happy!

2/23/16 - As of this morning the inventory of available properties has dropped by more than 100 over the last month. People are looking for homes to buy but the choices are getting slimmer. If you are thinking of selling, now is the time to take advantage of the low inventory and get your house on the market to gain top dollar!. Call me today.

2/3/16 - Very few new listings coming on the market and more listed houses going pending every day. Is it now a Seller's market? Is it time to get your house listed? Call me for more info...

1/16/16 - Market inventory is very low and buyers are searching for homes that are not available. If you have been thinking of putting your house on the market, this is the time to do it!

1/5/16 - Just listed a 4 bedroom home in a great location near Centennial Elementary in Olympia. More info can be found by clicking on "Rod's Listings".

1/4/16 - Winter break is over and there is a 2-hour delay at local schools due to ice and snow. Be careful out there!

1/1/16 - Here we go! Let's make this the best year ever!

12/31/15 - It has been a great year! Wishing you all the best in 2016.

12/29/15 - The new year is just around the corner. Have you accomplished everything you wanted to this year? If looking for a new house was on the list you still have time...

12/27/15 - Out for my birthday. Will update you on real estate when I get back.

12/26/15 - Well, that was fantastic! Now on to the next holiday...tomorrow is my birthday. Let the festivities begin now!

12/25/15 - Merry Christmas!

12/23/15 - Christmas is almost here! I hope you enjoy your holiday time with family and friends.

12/9/15 - Stormy weather, power outages, trees down...it's scary out there. Be careful!

11/30/15 - Freezing temperatures can cause real problems. Make sure you check all of you plumbing fixtures and wrap all outdoor spigots.

1/27/16 - Here we go! Thanksgiving is over and now only 28 days until Christmas!


11/19/15 - Looks like interest rates may be going up next month. If you are looking for a house to buy you should probably talk to your lender about locking in your rate.

11/12/15 - There is still time to move into your new house by Christmas. You just need to act soon! Call me today and let's work on getting you moved before the end of the year.

11/11/15 - Veteran's Day...a day to say "thank you" to the military for their service.

11/5/15 - It finally feels like fall around here. Time to make sure your gutters are clean and your furnace has been serviced. The cold, wet weather is just around the corner!

9/28/15 - My 5-bedroom listing in Tumwater has recently had a $10,000 price reduction. Now listed at $259,900 this fantastic home is worth a look. SEE IT HERE!

9/9/15 - School starts today. Drive carefully and remember to slow down in school zones.

8/28/15 - You know you are a local when you celebrate rain! So nice to wake up and see that we had some overnight.

8/11/15 - Well, the rain yesterday was short lived. Lasted for about 20 minutes and then back to the 85 degree temperatures. When will the usual Northwest weather come back?

8/10/15 - Finally we are getting some rain!

7/31/15 - Record heat wave got you down and tired? Maybe it's time to find a new house with air conditioning. Give me a call and I will show you the cool homes in the area!

7/6/16 - The heat continues...looks like this hot weather will be here for another week. How are you cooling off?

7/3/15 - 4th of July is tomorrow and it is HOT! Have a great holiday and be safe.

6/18/15 - Father's Day is this Sunday...maybe it's time to find a new house with that "man cave" he has always wanted. Check out my new listing with the "hidden room" that may be just what he wants! SEE IT HERE!

6/12/15 - Summertime starts today for kids in the area! The last day of school for Tumwater, Olympia, and North Thurston is today so more kids will be out and about. Drive carefully!

6/2/15 - The new property tax assessments are out for 2016. Do you have a question on yours or need information on how to appeal the new value? Give me a call if you need assistance or answers...

5/30/15 - Update to email was done very quickly and is now back up and running. However, if you sent any email to me on Friday, 5/29/15, it did not get through and you may need to send it again or contact me directly. Thank you.

5/29/15 - My email server is down for maintenance and updating today and tomorrow. Please call me directly at 360-402-4663 or text to that number until Monday, June 1st if you need to get in touch with me.

5/23/15 - Memorial Day weekend is here and it looks like the weather is actually going to be nice. Amazing!

5/1/12 - The Windermere Cup and opening day of boating in the Northwest is tomorrow. Spring is happening!

4/20/15 - Our "Shred Event" at my office on Saturday was great. Sorry I only had time to talk to a few of you while it was on but it was heavily attended and very busy! So many people showed up that the shred truck was full within 2 hours! We'll be providing this free service again next year right after tax day.

4/16/15 - Our annual "Shredding Event" is taking place in my office parking lot on Saturday from 11-3. If you have documents that need to be destroyed come by and drop them off. More info is HERE.

3/21/15 - Well, Spring is here. Is it time to get you house on the market?

2/25/14 - Market conditions are still improving and our current inventory continues to be low. If you are considering a move and looking to sell your property now is a great time to get it on the market. Call me for more information.

2/14/15 - Happy Valentine's Day!

2/2/15 - Well that's over. Time for you to buy a house! Call me today to get started.

1/29/15 - Super Bowl weekend coming up. Go Hawks!

1/19/14 - There may not be enough time to buy and close on a new house and have a Superbowl party this year...but if you start now you can throw that party next year at your own house. Call me today!

1/5/14 -Here we go! The holidays are over, school is back in today, and it's time to really get going with plans for 2015. If your plans include moving give me a call and let's get the process started!


12/31/14 - The last day of the year...was it a good one for you? The best is yet to come...here's to a fantastic 2015!

12/26/14 - Fantastic Christmas. Hope your holiday was great too! Now on to my birthday tomorrow and then New Year's Eve.

12/24/14 - It's almost here...


12/13/14 - Power is back on after 24 hours of outage at my house. Hope you did OK during the recent wind storm...now time to get the debris out of the yard!

12/11/14 - Is your house all decorated for the holidays? Email me pictures...I love the Christmas Season!

12/10/14 - If you ever need asphalt paving done I would recommend Everson Asphalt. They just completed some work for me and there crew did a fantastic job.

12/4/14 - The Olympia Toy Run is this Saturday, 12/6/14. The parade of decorated motorcycles bearing gifts for children to be distributed through the Salvation Army goes right by my office on Pacific Ave. Feel free to come on down and park in our lot to watch it!

11/29/14 - Thanksgiving and Black Friday are now over...time to move on to the best holiday season of all! Just go our Christmas tree cut and the snow started falling. Does it get any better?


11/12/14 - It seems as though winter has finally arrived. Freezing weather is here and it is now time to make sure you house is ready. Get those outdoor faucets covered before you have problems!

11/1/14 - And now it is November and we still have not had any cold weather...just rain. The updated forecast shows you buying a house before it does gets cold. Call me today to get that done!

10/31/14 - Boo! It's Halloween. Have fun and be safe.

10/18/14 - Housing marked is still getting better. While the local market has leveled out a bit (seasonal) it is still better than last year at this time. Interest rates, while rumored to be going up, have continued to stay low. Get in contact with me now to get your move started!

9/25/14 - Reports out yesterday show housing sales in the US up 18% over last year...but the sales in the West and Northwest up nearly 50% so our area is doing much better than other parts of the country!

9/2/14 - Well. summer is over and school is back in this week. Drive carefully and pay special attention in school zones!

8/28/14 - One more holiday weekend and then it's back to school time in Thurston County. Did you get everything done that you wanted this summer? If not, you better get moving on it!