24-Hour Olympia Real Estate Market Update is HERE!

12/1/22 - Looks like Winter has come a bit early! Snow on the ground this morning...if you have to drive, drive safely!

11/24/22 - Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a relaxing holiday...

10/19/22 - Wow, been a while since I updated this. Lot's going on and the market has really shifted. If you are trying to catch up, more price reductions, expired listings, and some listings just cancelled as the market has slowed. More of a Buyer's market now and the change came on quickly. You have to be competitive as a Seller if you want to get your house sold now! Seeing very few multiple offers on houses now and the market time has increased from 3-6 days to now averaging over a month! Want more info or want to find out more about selling your house in this changing market? Just send me and email or give me a call and i will do all that I can to assist you.

7/25/22 - Looks like today is going to be a SCORCHER! Predicted to be 97° and the rest of the week may be just as hot. Probably not a lot of real estate going on with this kind of heat...except at the houses with air conditioning! Looking for one of those? Give me a call or drop me an email and I will help you find the cool house of your dreams.

6/11/22 - WOW! Today was the first time in over 5 years that we have had over 500 houses on the market in Thurston County. The inventory is increasing and the market is cooling a bit.

5/23/21 - It looks like the red hot seller's market is cooling a bit in our area. The inventory of properties on the market has increased from a few months ago. Back in January we were averaging 150-190 homes on the market in Thurston county at any given time and we are no up to over 400 today. That along with the rising interest rates has leveled out our market and we are even seeing price reductions taking place on some listings.

5/10/22 - Priced-out trend is real

The priced-out phenomenon is real, explained internationally acclaimed economist and syndicated columnist Elliot Eisenberg, in a recent blog.

Dr. Eisenberg compared the median price of a house and interest rates in March 2021 and March 2022. In March 2021, the median price was $326,350 and the interest rate on a 30-year mortgage was 3.10%. A buyer who put 20% down would have a monthly payment, excluding taxes and property insurance of $1,115/mo.

One year later (March2022) the price of that house is 15% higher ($375,300) and the interest rate has surged 61.3%, to 5.00%. The new mortgage payment is $1,612/month, an increase of $497/month.

"4/4/2022 - Never thought it would be this hard to find a decent web designer to revamp my website. With that being said, I am back to square one on the process since nobody seems to want to work anymore. Should you know of someone who has some creative ideas and want to work and get paid let me know! In the meantime, back to real estate and this crazy market we are in!

2/20/22 - Looks like my website will be making some changes soon. The search feature is no longer functional due to the changes coming but I hope to have this all updated in the next few weeks. In the meantime, email, text, or call me if there is anything I can assist you with. Thank you.

1/12/22 - Deja Vu...just like last year at this time the active listings in all of Thurston County is getting really low. As of this morning there are only 124 houses available in the entire county! If you are moving out of the area it is a great time to get your house on the market but for those of you who want to stay in the area and possibly buy a larger home or downsize the market is really tough right now. Want some more info? Give me a call or shoot me an email and I will assist you in any way I can.

1/1/22 - Here we go! The new year is here...let's all make the best of 2022!

12/31/21 - Last day of 2021! Looking forward to a better and brighter 2022...HAPPY NEW YEAR!


12/22/21 - Well, the shortest daylight day of the year has passed and we are now just few days away from Christmas. Let's all hope for a relaxing holiday and a much better 2022! Stay safe and enjoy your holidays.


11/21/21 - Are you still looking for a new home? Well, it looks like the market inventory is increasing and the market time for listing is growing by a few days. Maybe you will be able to buy a new home without waiving your inspections or placing an offer way over the list price. Give me a call or send me an email/text and let me know how I can fill you in on the options and help you get into a home. 360-402-4663

10/18/21 - Time to build a new website and I am looking for a creative web designer since my current one seems to have spaced out or just decided not to work anymore. Would love to support a local business. If you know of someone that you would like to refer my direction get them in touch with me.

10/17/21 - Market inventory has increased a bit and the time on market for listings has increased by a few days. Appears as though the Fall/Winter market has started as we are seeing more [sales at list price or a bit below and les multiple offer situations.

9/8/21 - We are continuing to see more homes selling at list price or a bit below. Have you waited too long to take advantage of the Seller's Market? Only time will tell but this could be a hopeful sign for Buyers.

8/25/21 - More listings on the market, seeing more price reductions, some Sellers accepting contingent offers, and a bit of an increase in the market time for listings. For a Buyer this may be a good sign, but if you are looking to sell you may need all the current market information you can get. Give me a call or email me with any questions on selling OR buying a home in this changing marketplace

8/15/21 - Looks like a market shift is starting. Are your ready? More price reductions taking place and market time is starting to show a bit of softness.

7/24/21 - Starting to see more homes selling near the list price and even seeing some at a bit less than the list price. Market may be tempering a bit...

6/28/21 -Thank goodness that is over for now. Temperature is coming down and I survived being home for 2 days with the A/C that kept the house at 70°. Red hair and fair skin...I do not do this high temperature stuff well. Hope you all did OK...

6/25/21 - I know all the houses that are for sale with A/C. Looking for one of them to live in? Give me a call and I can help you stay cool! 360-402-4663

6/20/21 - If you or someone you know is in the Arlington/Smokey Point/Stanwood/Granite falls area and have a house to sell that is on at least a half acre, has room for a shop if there is not one there already, and the house is in very good condition get in touch with me! I have a pre-approved buyer ready to go and can close in 30 days or less for the right house. 360-402-4663 or rod@callrod.com

6/4/21 - 81 new listings in one day...a record for the last few years. Demand is still strong but we are now up to over 300 properties on the market in Thurston County. Quite a bit higher than the low we had of under 100 just 4 month ago!>P>5/8/21 - The market is still blazing hot but there does seem to be a few more houses available right now. As of this morning there are 251 properties on the market in Thurston County. Quite an increase from when we dipped below 100 in February.

4/20/21 - Spring market is heating up. More listings coming on but they are still selling just as fast. Drop me an email or give me a call for more information on how to maximize the value in your house if it is time to sell.

3/5/21 - Is it a 1-day spike or is the market starting to move? We had 46 new listing come on the market yesterday and we are now up to a total of 195 properties on the market in Thurston County. Quite a jump from the lows you can read about below.

2/4/21 - Well, I have been selling real estate in Thurston County for over 25 years and this is the first time our inventory of available homes in the entire county dipped below 100! This morning there were a total of 98 houses in the whole county on the market for sale! If you are getting ready to move give me a call as I am sure I can list your house and bring you multiple offers at this time! However, if trying to stay in the area when you move you may want to wait because there is nothing to buy!

1/1/21 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully this will be a better one...

12/28/20 - Hard to believe but as of this morning there are only 175 residential properties (this includes, houses, condos, and manufactured homes) on the market in all of Thurston County. If you just count the "stick built" homes and remove the rest there are on 125 available right now!

12512/25/20 - Merry Christmas! Kind of weird morning today...waking up and knowing that it's just me and Kellie at home instead of travelling and all the festive family stuff but that is 2020. Just being safe so that perhaps in 2021 we can get back to doing things together. Stay safe and enjoy as much of the holiday as you can.

12/21/20 - Well, it's the shortest day of the year today for daylight. Even though it is very little, the days do start staying light longer as of today. But then again, with the pandemic who even knows what day it is...

11/26/20 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Kind a of a weird one this year spending it at home with just Kellie but doing what we need to do to stay safe. Hope you are doing the same and I look forward to seeing family, friends, and clients in person as soon I can. Take care and enjoy your turkey!

11/5/20 - Just checked again and our market has gotten even slimmer! As of this morning there are only 237 residential properties on the market in all of Thurston County. This includes houses, condos, and manufactured homes. The count of houses only is 187...the lowest I have ever seen it.

10/30/20 - VOTE! Only 4 days left...make sure your vote counts by getting it in on time!

9/28/20 - Number of available properties in Thurston County is now well below 300 so it continue to be a strong Seller's market. Want more info? Give me a call or send me an email for personalized updates about your home.

8/20/20 - Well, those listings came and went quickly! Market time for my last three listings has been less than 5 days and with multiple offers as the inventory is still very low. More Buyers than homes available is making it tough for most Buyers to find a home. The inventory is now below 300 available properties in Thurston County. Now is definitely the time to sell...unless you are also looking to buy in this area too!

7/29/20 - New listings coming up soon. One level home in Lacey on 1/4 acre around $400K, a move-in ready bungalow in the Admiral district of West Seattle for under $700K, and a two level home with basement and river frontage in Toledo (perfect for fishing) in the coming weeks. Several other properties getting ready for the market in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater area. Stay tuned!

7/21/20 - Woke up this morning at the usual time of 5 AM and it was dark outside. Hard to believe that the days are already getting a bit shorter and that sunset is now before 9PM! Where has the year gone?

7/4/20 - Well look at that...it''s the 4th of July already! Enjoy the holiday and stay safe.

7/1/20 - Inventory is dropping again. Prior to the virus we were seeing an increase in inventory but lately the numbers have been dropping again. As of today there are only 304 active listing in all of Thurston County.

6/15/20 - Office still closed but looks like things may we may be opening in the coming weeks. Still available via email or call...but most real estate activities are very limited for safety reasons. Feel free to call or email if there is anything I can assist you with or questions I can answer.

5/27/20 - Thurston County has moved on to Phase 2 of the re-opening as of today. A few more businesses will be open and we are headed in the right direction...as long as there is no spike in Covid 19 cases. Hopefully we will all follow the direction of the professionals people in charge and keep everybody safe in the coming weeks so that we can get to Phase 3 and beyond.

5/12/20 - Sounds like real estate will be back open and a little more accessible in Phase 2 of the re-opening. Until then there are some real limitations in place to keep everyone safe. However, I am still available to assist you in any way I can...just give me a call or send me an email and I will do what I can to help you out.

4/23/20 - Still working from home and quite honestly I am a bit stir crazy! I miss the interaction that comes with helping you market your property and/or find a new home. However, even with the limited market that we are currently facing I am still able to assist you via phone or email and in some cases meet to view property (within the guidelines we must follow). Just let me know if I can be of assistance to you or someone you know. Thank you and stay safe!

4/1/20 - While the Governor has stated that we, as Realtors, can do limited work activities I have remained at home and will continue to work from here to stay safe and healthy. Doing the right thing is not always easy but in this case I believe I am doing what is needed. Still available via phone or email if there is anything I can assist you with. Take care.